Tricks and Treats: How to Make Your Services Offerings Spooktacular

Posted by Global Convergence on October 27, 2016 at 04:33 PM

We’re approaching Halloween, the time when groups of youngsters scream “Trick or Treat” outside your door, a hint that they’d like some sweets and in return won’t play some sort of mischievous  prank on you. We always give the candy.

But in the IT services space, there’s no reason why you can’t have both. After all, the more tricks you learn to provide services to your customers, the more treats you’ll see in return. In the spirit of Halloween, here’s a quick look at how a few tricks and treats can lead to accelerated business growth.


We have three Tricks and three treats that can lead to accelerated service opportunities:

Trick 1: Identify Your Services Holes

The first trick to services success is to identify what you don’t do—or don’t do well—in terms of services. All those leaky holes provide an opportunity for your customer to look around for another partner or for a competitor to worm his way into your account. If you want to improve, you need to know what to improve. The key here is to be honest in your evaluation. Ask your customers where they feel you could be stronger, or what they may need that you’re currently not offering.

Trick 2: Find a Services Partner

Once you’ve identified the services you want to offer, you have to figure out how to add them. Building a strong services bench takes money, patience and skill. Ask for help. Bringing in a partner to complement your offerings can be a quick, efficient means to jumpstart business in the new area. The challenge is finding a partner to trust, someone who has the skills, reach and scope you need to serve customers. Do your research, compare the offerings from several potential partners and talk to your peers and referrals for honest feedback.

Trick 3: Offer Services Beyond Your Scope or Expertise

Leveraging a services partner brings many benefits, including the ability to better service customers than you previously could. You don’t need to be an expert in everything if you have the right help. The right partner should also work with you to bring your team up to speed, providing the right selling tools and techniques to win more business. In a true partnership your success is their success and vice versa.

Treat 1: Make Your Company Appear Bigger Than It Really Is

It’s simple: having a services partner lets you do more things. You’re not bound by the restrictions of your current capabilities, geographic reach or cash flow. Finding the right partner allows you to spread your wings and make customers feel like they’re dealing with a much larger company. That, in turn, could create more stickiness with your customers and potentially create additional revenue opportunity.

Treat 2: Pursue Bigger Deals/Clients

Another side benefit of enhancing your services game through a partnership is that you can go after clients that you might not otherwise be able to serve. For example, a prospect you’ve been eyeing is headquartered in Los Angeles, which you can manage, but also offices in Europe, where you haven’t even vacationed. Find a services partner that can support you with global resources, making you capable of managing clients anywhere, anytime.

Treat 3: More Revenue/Profits

Now that you’re getting more business with customers and pursuing bigger customers, you’re in line for the ultimate goal: more money. As your top line grows, so will your bottom line. By leveraging a services partner, you’ll receive a portion of the profits for services rendered—without having to do much except manage the account. Meanwhile, your team is learning how to better serve customers, solving real-world business problems, and becoming more valuable to both you and your customers—a true win-win.

So how do you get started enhancing your services without making a significant investment? It’s a concern that we at Global Convergence understand. We developed our nFusion Preferred Partner Services Program for Partners who want to choose the services help the need, when they need it.

GCI can help you with everything from design, installation and post-sales support, allowing you to deliver fast responses to customers anywhere in the world. In addition, qualified partners receive volume incentive rebates, discounted pricing, dedicated response teams and much more. Learn more about how the GCI Preferred Partner Program for Services can help you accelerate your growth and be more successful.

Contact your GCI Account Manager to learn more about our Preferred Partner Program for IT Services. Or email us at [email protected].

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