Luxar Brings Innovative Approach, Channel Opportunities to Network Traffic Visibility

Posted by Global Convergence, Inc. on September 28, 2017 at 08:21 AM

Luxar Blog_Image.pngWe’ve previously written about network traffic visibility/monitoring being a significant opportunity for channel partners—as well as a critical component of an enterprise’s overall security strategy. That opinion was recently validated by Gartner, which picked network traffic analysis as one of its seven biggest security technologies of the year.

As Gartner’s Neil MacDonald writes, “As attackers improve their capabilities, enterprises must also improve their ability to protect access and protect from attacks. Security and risk leaders must evaluate and engage with the latest technologies to protect against advanced attacks, better enable digital business transformation and embrace new computing styles such as cloud, mobile and DevOps."

We couldn’t agree more. That’s one of the reasons we partnered with Luxar Tech to offer their innovative network visibility solutions, from network taps and Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) to SDN-based hyperscale visibility solutions.

Earlier this year, Luxar Tech made headlines—and got rave reviews—for developing the first OpenFlow-powered 100G NPBs in the industry. The company’s offerings run from 1G to 100G and provide a cost-effective, high-quality option for cost-conscious enterprises, built on a wide range of technologies including field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), network processors, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

Since Luxar’s 100G, SDN ready NPB announcement, the product has continued to evolve to meet the vertical specific needs of Luxar’s customers.  Early adoption has been seen tier1/tier2 enterprises, service providers and the healthcare industry.  Each vertical has a unique set of requirements, but Luxar’s dedicated engineering support teams ensure each unique feature request is delivered.  Customers are continually amazed at the delivery speed and willingness to add features regardless of the order volume. Luxar’s customers continue to note that the true strength of the product lies in its OpenFlow compatibility and flexibility.  The 1RU chassis can support 32x100G, 32x40G, 128x25G, 128x10G and any combination in between.

Leveraging SDN technology, partners can help partners build a visibility fabric capable of extracting, grooming, aggregating, and distributing network traffic to an analytics tool for analytics and performance management, in essence, a scalable traffic analytics farm.

The good news is network visibility is a conversation more customers are willing to have—and need to have. The better news is that you don’t need to be an expert to have that conversation or implement a solution. 

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