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Posted by Global Convergence, Inc. on April 20, 2017 at 08:37 AM

As a worldwide technology provider, Global Convergence employees help businesses around the world run more efficiently, more securely, more effectively. From sales and marketing to technical support and engineering, our team members understand how today’s leading technology solutions converge to deliver outstanding results. This creates unbelievable opportunities for our team to benefit from:

Looking-for-Superstars_Image_500x334.pngA Challenging Environment

Employees like to be challenged. They want to master new skills and develop their capabilities beyond their traditional role. It’s equally important to push employees outside their comfort zone.

At GCI, we constantly push our technical teams and other staff to think outside the box to create innovative solutions for customers using the latest technologies.  While it’s important that technicians get certified by our vendor partners, it’s even  more important that they know how to apply that knowledge into solving real-world business problems. That’s where you make a difference.

Technology For the Win

A study last year revealed that access to cutting edge technology is the top contributor to job satisfaction. That notion is even more pronounced for companies in the IT industry. At Global Convergence, we view that as a competitive advantage.

Our employees enjoy unparalleled access to the latest technologies from some of the most innovative vendors around. As a leading specialty distributor, we are on the forefront of identifying, analyzing and selling high-growth, high-demand solutions.

With a comprehensive portfolio that includes everything from software-defined networking and security to UCC and network traffic visibility, GCI provides not just best-in-class IT products, but best-in-class, multi-vendor solutions developed by some of the brightest engineers in the industry.

Happy Customers, Happy Employees

It’s long been said that happy employees equals happy customers, but we think that relationship is a two-way street. Happy customers also mean happy employees.

There’s no greater feeling when you’ve worked hard—maybe even for months—to complete a project that that helps a customer be more efficient and productive—and the customer truly appreciates the effort. That sense of accomplishment is what we strive for. It’s what customers demand from us, it’s what we’re best at, and it’s what makes GCI employees want to succeed.

Our mission is to deliver innovative services and solutions that create positive outcomes for our partners. Every day we count on the hard work and dedication of our employees to make that happen. It’s no surprise that GCI has garnered the reputation of being the leader in the specialty IT distribution market for our global expertise, soutions capabilities and customer satisfaction.

We make our customers successful, and our people make us successful. Read our new Employee Spotlight blog series starting in April. This series will shine a spotlight on various departments in the company, open positions and team leads, as well as executives to further help prospectives learn about the company.

We encourage you to look at our Life @ GCI page, visit our LinkedIn page for current openings or reach out to

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