Innovation Breeds Innovation, Which Breeds Success

Posted by Global Convergence, Inc. on August 16, 2017 at 09:12 AM

How important is it to leverage innovative, disruptive technologies in business?

Innovation_Main-Image_500x388.jpgBy almost any measure, technology—and more importantly—innovative technology is critical to the success of today’s enterprises and small businesses.

For solution providers, it’s paramount. Your ability to provide customers with innovative technologies helps them be more innovative as well, fueling even more success.

Innovate. Disrupt. Repeat.

Famed Harvard professor Clay Christensen once said “Disruptive innovation can hurt—if you’re not the one doing the disrupting.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Global Convergence has always sought out the most innovative, disruptive technologies for our solution providers. It’s the best way to differentiate yourself in the market, while helping your customers to do the same. Solution providers among the first to bring new technologies to market often enjoy a first-mover advantage, as well as more satisfied customers and higher profits.

Of course, selling innovation without a sense of how that innovation could or should work doesn’t help anybody. Ideally, you want to sell technology products and services that are on the cusp of breaking out. That’s where the real money and the real opportunity is, and that’s where GCI plays.

Simply put, we mainstream disruptive technologies. 

Innovation_Second-Image_410x410.pngNetwork traffic visibility and Network Security Monitoring are two examples we see where partners can expect increasing demand over the next several years, with healthy margins to go with it. Leveraging GCI makes you look good in front of your customer and drives your name further into the market as an innovation leader. 

Adding Services Accelerates Success

A recent article noted a Gartner report which said mainstream adoption of disruptive technologies—digital in particular—is “reshaping expectations for what is normal.” In fact, Gartner says that CIOs should proactively seek companies that can help them use disruptive technologies to become more innovative themselves.

Solution providers selling those disruptive technologies can increase their chance for success by coupling those products with a powerful arsenal of services, giving the customer complete, end-to-end solutions that make them more efficient and productive.

Of course, you may not have the fully-trained resources in house that it takes to support newer technologies. But that shouldn’t stop you from selling them. Leverage a partner like GCI, which has a global pool of knowledgeable experts, to help take the fear out of disruptive technology. We can bring you the cool, and show you (or your customers) how to use it. 

To learn how GCI can help you bring the latest, disruptive technologies to your customers, contact us at

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