IoT is Coming, Is Your Customer’s Network Ready for it?

Posted by Global Convergence on September 06, 2016 at 10:08 AM

No doubt you’ve heard that a proliferation of mobile devices the last several years has had a dramatic impact on the amount of data moving across corporate networks. But it’s nothing compared to the potential impact the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon is expected to have on IP traffic.

Most estimates project tens of billions of devices to become connected via the internet in the next few years, an exponential increase. Of course, not all of the “things” touching the network will be active. Many will be passive devices that might go extended lengths of time lying dormant.

Still, today’s network administrators should be looking to future-proof their infrastructure, ensuring that they will have the capacity to manage, secure, direct and prioritize for increased traffic—how much will be dependent upon their industry, of course.

According to IDC, data center capacity consumed by IoT-related workloads is expected to increase nearly 750% from 2014 to 2019. The research firm also notes that IoT will become the top driver of IT expansion in larger data centers and accelerate the transition to cloud.

Start the Conversation

As more devices connect to the network and start talking to each other, machine-to-machine (M2M), the solutions possibilities are limitless—from healthcare monitoring to location-based applications to predictive, real-time analytics.

We talk a lot at GCI about the importance of starting conversations with customers, but IoT is really not something to be reactive about. You want to be proactive.

Even if your customers aren’t ready to let large number of new kinds of devices onto their network, in reality, it should probably be a conversation around “when” not “if.”

Now is the time for solution providers to think outside the box. You know what your client does. How can IoT make them do it better? If you need some inspiration, check out this slideshow on the 12 great uses of IoT in the enterprise. This isn’t about selling technology. It’s about creating innovative solutions that have never been possible.

Tell your client now is the time to start laying the infrastructure groundwork to make the formerly impossible become possible. For example, a network traffic visibility solution capable of monitoring devices, optimizing the network, improving efficiency and reducing costs. All without infringing on the performance or stability of the production environment. That’s a pretty effective and easy place to start and it’s something they can benefit from immediately.

Traffic Jams Ahead

Network traffic—from IoT and otherwise—is only going to increase, and it’s critical to have the bandwidth, management and security to protect your future, and your present. As GCI’s network traffic visibility partner Gigamon® writes in this blog, it’s critical that security appliances do not become overwhelmed as the amount of traffic grows. Our Gigamon Fast – Track PRO Services help intelligently prioritize and deliver an appropriate amount of traffic, without impacting critical applications.

With a wealth of services available from GCI, including wireless assessments, planning and design, project management and implementations, solution providers have all the information and resources they need to bring to customers to protect their investments and grow the business.

Finally, here’s a great article that spells out five IoT mistakes that enterprises should avoid, notably that in the rush to embrace the new technology, security processes and controls were overlooked. In fact, the IoT Security Foundation reports that less than 10% of all IoT products have adequate security.

All the more reason to pick a solution with immediate benefits like network traffic visibility and the Gigamon GigaSECURE® security delivery platform to start the conversation now.

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