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By now you’ve no doubt heard about the Pokémon Go phenomenon. And you may have heard some of the security concerns raised soon after the game was introduced. Now, I’m pretty sure that Pikachu and Friends aren’t attempting any malicious activity. The point is that they could. And that’s what you should be concerned about.

As security architect Adam Reeve first pointed out, Pokémon Go initially requested—and received—full access to your Google account—meaning your email, to search Google drive documents, search history and more. But that didn’t stop millions of mobile device users—many of whom who use their phone for work—from activating a game that quickly became the biggest mobile game in U.S. history.

Needless to say, some CSOs got a little freaked out. The good news? There are already plenty of security solutions available to ensure that Pokémon Go—or any other application—can’t get to your sensitive data. Here’s a look at three technologies available through Global Convergence (GCI) that you should be talking to your customers about—no matter how many Pokemons they’ve caught.

Network Traffic Visibility
One of the telltale signs that your network has been compromised is an inordinate amount of traffic during non-peak times. Companies like Gigamon specialize in monitoring your network traffic for anomalous behavior. Within an enterprise, that means if a user is seen looking to access the network or information residing within the network during an odd time, let’s say at 1 a.m. When the employee typically works 9a.m.-5p.m., an alert is triggered. So if Pokémon Go—or anyone else—wanted to get onto your network, you’d be ready with an appropriate response.

Software Defined Networking
The advent of software-defined networking has taken off for a number of reasons, including the acceleration of cloud, larger bandwidth demands and the consumerization of IT. Users accessing a corporate network with their own phones have caused IT departments to look at alternative architectures, like SDN, to further protect data while meeting compliance standards. Companies like KEMP Technologies, MRV Communications, Nuage Networks, and Quanta Cloud Technology offer a wide variety of solutions to further protect your customers’ networks.

Of course, GCI offers a plethora of security solutions, including Watchful Software’s data-centric classification solution to prevent accidental and malicious disclosure and Certes Networks’ software-defined security solutions, including its groundbreaking CryptoFlow Mobile solution. As PC World points out, Pokémon Go was ripe for a flood of copycat applications that have emerged to piggyback on the original’s success, many of them also looking to surreptitiously gather data.


The makers of Pokémon Go have already released a fix that allays many fears of unwanted data access, but that’s just one application that’s received a lot of attention. Enterprises still need to be vigilant when it comes to protecting their information.


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