3 Steps to Uncover Network Security Monitoring Opportunities

Posted by Global Convergence on June 08, 2017 at 09:28 AM

Network-Monitoring_shutterstock_300x200.pngWhere does your new business come from? Do you rely on refreshes and referrals for new business? Or are you proactively looking to find new solutions, new technologies to bring to your current client base?

If you’re like many solution providers you’re strapped for resources to be as proactive as you’d like. After all, product refreshes and upgrades are low-hanging fruit and help you keep your current customers happy. But to really grow the business—to become a leader in your market or your specialization—you may have to think a different way.

Let’s examine a high-growth technology like network security monitoring and a high-growth vertical market like health care. Network security is a component of many of today’s biggest healthcare challenges including HIPAA, BYOD, ransomware and unsecured medical devices.

In other words, it’s an opportune time to stake your claim as a network security leader in the healthcare space—whether you have the in-house capabilities are not. How?

Three Steps to Success

We recommend a three-step process to help our partners grow their security business—or any new business for that matter.

First, learn your customer’s security priorities. Assess their network and access capabilities and identify where potential holes or problems may exist.  It’s important to have a clear understanding of where your customer is before you can determine how to help them. GCI has the resources to help you do that if necessary.

Second, design a solution that solves your customer’s specific business need, identifying the appropriate vendors and products necessary to make it happen. For our network security healthcare example, make sure to you include appropriate business considerations—like compliance regulations—as well as technology to ensure a successful implementation.

Third, trust a partner like GCI to help make your project become a reality. Chances are even your most skilled technicians will need to learn on the job as you ramp up offering new solutions and new technologies. Enlisting help from a skilled partner ensures that your customer stays happy and that your team gains the experience it needs to develop its own expertise. 

Uncovering new opportunities to bring to customers can be an expensive proposition—when you do it all by yourself. Over the last three decades, GCI has earned the reputation as a one-stop shop for solution providers to bring innovative, disruptive technologies to customers.

Our channel-focused model delivers technical expertise, enablement strategies and dedicated services resources that drive digital transformation strategies in areas including network visibility, software defined data center, and open infrastructure for the global IT channel. We’re more than a distributor, we’re an extension of your team — filling in the gaps and providing you the expertise you need to grow the business.

A quick jumpstart might be to leverage the resources of a trusted partner like Global Convergence to help ccelerate your new business potential.

GCI’s network security monitoring portfolio will help you develop innovative solutions in healthcare, finance or any vertical market to solve real-world business problems.

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